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“P A I D   P A R K I N G”    by **The Rack** & Forever Femme

The airport was alive with disinterested passengers half-heartedly watching “I Love parking lotLucy” reruns on seat-side televisions. A loud burst of static crackled.

“Flight 729 now disembarking at Gate 22.”

The tall woman uncoiled hirself from one of the uncomfortable hard plastic seats. Rolling hir shoulders slowly, shi sighed appreciatively. Flight 729 had been delayed and shi’d been sitting for a few hours now. It felt damn good to get the kinks out. Closing curly dark lashes, shi stretched hir entire body, tall frame elongating before coming to rest at hir full height.

“That’s a ride I never want to experience again. What a flight!”

The fine hair on the back of hir neck stood on end. Read it here >>