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“T h e    M i n d ‘ s    E y e”   by   **The Rack** & Forever Femme

Corporate ButchIt was a rare hot sticky September night in another city of the many shi traveled to. Hir tie, long since loosened, hung limply around an undone collar. Shi had completed all that shi could do on the audit this Saturday evening and tiredly sank lower into the leather office seat. As guest offices went, this was one of the more comfortable ones shi  remembered. Wiping beads of sweat from hir forehead with a white linen handkerchief, shi pushed up dark-rimmed glasses and rubbed tired eyes.

“Why is it so hot in this building?” shi wondered out loud as shi gazed out of tinted windows at the city lights. Yet another nameless view in another nameless city. Shi would have to re-check hir itinerary to remember where.

The humidity made hir restless. Not  ready to retire to hir hotel suite just yet, shi went online and searched for the local gay bar guide before heading in for the night.  More>>