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I adore brilliance in women. My love is such a woman. No, really she is and that’s said without much bias. When she gets all legallysocialconsciouslly regal on me, I’m all a-quiver. Nope, no bias at all.

Crystal Simmons  is such a woman as well. Academy For Social ActionAs the founding principal of New York’s Academy For Social Action, she was an encouraging force for students to set goals, strive and to succeed.

Did I mention that sometimes brilliance pales dismally when a woman just ain’t that bright? When her coruscation (I swear it’s a word) is as dull as a worn out pair of plastic kindergarten safety scissors?

It seems that Principal Simmons and her assistant principal diddled quite often during school hours. Assistant principal (that’d be Candy Jones) went on a vacation with another woman. Principal Simmons decided she was a woman done wrong and put her candy-coated love on report. Principal Simmons ran to the police after her dish of candy supposedly threatened to murder her. I guess scorned feelings take a back seat to fear of Daddy’s sawed-off shotgun from the Deep South. “Run Forrest…run!”

I don’t know if the murder allegations are true or not but one thing’s for sure: There’s nothing worse than bad candy. Mess with the Skittles you get the horns.

Everybody’s been demoted, Principal Simmons to an Assistant Principal at another school (somewhere out there that shall remain nameless until the brouhaha is over) and Assistant Principal as a teacher to the High School of Law Enforcement and Public Safety.

The real losers are the students. They genuinely liked their principal and already feel the loss of her presence. They want her and her encouragement back.  I want them to excel despite grown folks’ mess.

Ah, dyke drama. It’s what’s for dinner.