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Picture courtesy of ABCWhile the very thought makes me feel ill, I fully expect Bristol Palin to win the whole shebang. We’ll know tomorrow night, won’t we?

Tom Bergeron, my favorite television host (outside of the untouchable Richard Dawson  a la “Family Feud”) says “it’s all in the voting.”

Tom, I like you. I really do. But, please tell me how my miniscule allotment of 1-5 votes for my favorite couple compares to 300+ votes per each of Sarah’s Bristol’s Tea Party robovoters? (Yes, it’s a word. I just made it up, therefore it be one).

I’ll try to convince my beautiful Dark Tagnan to turn to Logo’s “A-List” before Bristol takes the floor for the last time and definitely before she once again declares herself much improved. Again.

Sorry, Teen Activist. The roiling in my tummy and bottle of pink stuff say otherwise. Plus, unlike this ghastly new version of “Dancing With The Stars” that makes me want to ask Bristol what periodicals she reads, they’re not fakin’ the funk on “The A-List”.

It’s not political viewing and at least Austin knows he’s a hussy.