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With a smile that never quite reached his eyes, he told her the price of her medication had increased. Pharmacist (picture courtesy of medicalinfo.com)An unwilling witness, I stood there virtually helpless. I knew what was coming.

“That will be $45, Ma’am.”

Leaning wearily on the counter, the mid-fortyish woman shook her head in denial, unprepared to hear that her meds cost $45 instead of the usual $15.

My heart cried large droplets of frustration. “Iwillnotlosehope, Iwillnotlosehope,” I silently chanted..  I knew what she was feeling since it had just happened to my parents on Thanksgiving Eve. I was in no mood for a Saturday morning replay.

The pharmacist stared sadly as she left with one full prescription and $5 worth of pills for the other two. Even he couldn’t stomach being the heavy for her medical insurer. I wondered how she’d ration the medication she was able to afford…and for how long.

What is this world coming to when humanity’s health is expendable at corporate whim? When senior citizens and the uninsured unemployed are gauged with their eyes wide open? When a fortyish woman will be in pain who knows how badly because she can only afford $5 worth of Lyrica and she leaves defeated before any of us waiting in line could offer to help pay for the whole freaking 60-day supply?

American healthcare gone wild…bite me.