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“Ora na azu nwa” ~ a proverb attributed to the Nigerian Igbo

McGhee Sextuplets photo courtesy of Peters Photography

Meet the McGhee Sextuplets. I know some folks are shaking their heads at having six bundles of joy all at once. Normally, I’d be right there with’em ’cause I’m no fan of drug-enhanced multiple births…but, after seeing these beautiful little chocolate drops I swear my uterus just sighed.

Listen. There it goes again.

The McGhee’s have just moved into a new home large enough for their new family, a home that all indicators suggest that they obtained it themselves. It used to be that a set of triplets would generate lifelong donations from corporations and college scholarships before the tykes had their first pediatric appointment. Nowadays, unless you’re Octomom (a term I can’t stand but if the Jimmy Choo fits, right?) the days of oodles of free birth swag are over.

Whatever happened to the free Huggies and Gerber strained peas corporations used to give the rare set of triplets we’d ooh-and-ahh over? The McGhee’s have an account at Chase for donations but that’s all. That the father is determined to be self-sufficient highlights that he doesn’t have that annoying unmerited nouveau sense of entitlement that’s all the rage…and that the ducats aren’t hitting the kettle.

Still, let’s be real. Our dyspneal economy is struggling for its next breath and the village is running on fumes. Combined with the fact that multiple births are more commonplace now, I really feel that we’ve become desensitized to the enormous need an ordinary family will have in caring for them.

A co-worker of mine said that he and his wife are having such a hard time making ends meet that he’s not going to give a dime to the McGhee’s or anyone else that makes a conscious choice to have “beaucoup” babies in this recession.

Well, damn. I’m not saying that his sentiment is right, wrong or indifferent. Our economy is in straits so dire it needs the jaws of life to extricate it. This is a fact that cannot be ignored. Nor can it be denied that it truly takes a village to raise a child.

Nevermind. Don’t listen to me, I don’t know what I’m trying to say at all. The way it used to be and how everysooften I wish it had been is crowding my mind. Still…aren’t they the sweetest little brown darlings?