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Happy 2011! We closed out 2010 in wonderful fashion (thank you, love) with me saying “buh-bye-hello” to another personal year as well (I have no idea what made me decide to be born on the 31st). And, in this brand spankin’ new year it’s, out with the old and in with the new…sporadic posting, that is.

"Blog Key" courtesy of creativeeducation.co.ukThe Daily Post at WordPress.com is gonna help me write  try to write at least one post per week. I think I’ll do fine unless Logo.tv decides to air something actually interesting, enjoyable and um, gay? No, I do not heart a bazillion and one nonstop episodes of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”.

Wish me luck. I’m a Capricorn goat. Our knees may be knobby and myopia acute but we always stick to the task at hand. Yes, we have been known to dine on questionable foodstuffs (don’t knock chopped chicken liver on notebook paper sandwiches until you’ve tried it) but really, how hard can it be?   Right? Riiiiiight?