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"Broken Computer" (c) tech4lessFor the past few days I’ve been sans Internet access. My home computer decided to take an unapproved leave of absence and join my laptop  on its extended vacation. No desktop. No laptop. No way. They’re both on my list.

Sorry, Love, but I’ve kissed another…my computer at work. I patted the printer and stroked its extra-long cable.  Does it make it easier to know I thought of you while I did it?

Today, I have pretty normal access. Mucho thanks to the tech guy at work. Muy mucho with a ripe juicy bing cherry on top. Monsieur Tech Guy, I’d kiss you too but my darling *Dark Tagnan* is already plotting against my desktop at work.

Next week, I’m doing lunch with a new hard drive. I’ve been waiting to try out my new Estee Lauder lipstick. Stay tuned…things could get ugly.