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The unintentional quagmire can leave our asses in a whole bunch of shit.Anthony Weiner

Our first reaction is to protect our reputation, minimize the damage to our career and hopefully avoid the consequences to our personal relationships. That’s when the  first instincts to lie and  to protect ourselves can lead to a quagmire of prideful quicksand!

The fish tank that we all watched this past week showed politician Anthony Weiner’s reaction to (at worst) being an exhibitionist, ultimately ended with him being revealed as a bald-faced liar whose pride wouldn’t let him admit to having some exhibitionist tendencies.

So, he likes to talk dirty. He likes to flash his dicky wicky. He likes to think he can still pull the hunnies from the young to the middle-aged. So what? Who doesn’t?

Weiner’s first reaction/response caused more harm and hurt than he really intended.  And, once he did react with the pretend story of his Twitter and Facebook accounts being hacked, he found that he’d built this foolish fish tank and even more foolishly thought he could bluff his way out of it. No can do, pardner. It ended up having to acknowledge it at the cost of a lot of self-respect.

Plus, now that it has, he doesn’t know what to do to undo it, except seek the cover treatment. How cliché today!

Yeah, it’s a quagmire. But, when it becomes very apparent and very clear that your lie, your spin and misspeaking is visible, it’s only a matter of time that more questions arise and demand explanation.

The only thing that will heal or begin to soothe these self-inflicted wounds is the truth. Just how do  we undo the bullshit that we ourselves create? Apologize? Weiner, instead of trying to prove your lie had some legitimacy, why didn’t you? The most destructive duo that comes to us as humans is pride and saving face. Therefore the truth is not the first option but the last option.

Perhaps it’s the only option.