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I think in French. I’m sorry – je pense en francais, although since I made my debut to the world in Queens my accent is a whole ‘nother matter…trust. So,after totally and irreparably mangling this segue, I give you “Elle Mots”.

Un cafe“Elle Mots” (Her Words) is whoever, whomever and whatever written work (hey, that’s five double-u’s in a wrow  row) I come across that moves me. At the moment I’m all for having my creative stagnancy smacked upside the head. Have I said I can’t write lately?  *sigh*

Without further ado, I give you Inside The Birdcage.  Give this poetess a looksee. You won’t be sorry. I know I’m not. After reading, “In The Palm of A Gypsy” my Muse went into contractions.

I hope they aren’t Braxton Hicks messin’ with me. It’s time to give birth and dirty up blank pages with magnificent miasma.

Mais, apres un peu plus de cafe.