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Settling down with a thick-n-juicy steak and scotch on the rocks, as I start my quest to find a reflection of my lesbian sisters on the first and only TV station dedicated to “GAY LIFE”!

Twenty odd years ago when I was younger, capable and totally queer, I marched to the White House to free South Africa and protested in front of the Supreme Court to overturn the Bakke decision. I represented and partied at our annual Gay Pride Parade. Raised by my mother to volunteer I did just that, sewing and walking amongst the HIV/AIDS quilts of my dying and departed gay brothers, family and more friends(c) postnoon.com than I want to count. As an out and proud member of the LGBT community, I’ve manned a few tables to solicit both volunteers and donations to help the needy, ill and homeless.

All the death and suffering rallied me to come to the aid of those sick and dying within our community…and I was not alone. While most of the world ran for cover – or at the very least bleach, masks and full-body condoms – many a lesbian broke bread with the afflicted. That’s right, we dyke sisters rolled up our proverbial flannel sleeves and got to work! Food banks were organized, support groups and hotlines were staffed with competent people, in-home visit teams were created and so much more.

I never once heard the voices of the lesbian community utter a single a word for recognition or even request a simple thanks. In fact, to this day we continue to fight for equal rights and fairness for both the queer community and the world at large. When a person, animal or object is beaten, raped, oppressed or abused you will surely find a bunch of pissed off dykes ready to fight the good fight, help and stand arm-in-arm.

Yet, as this now well-seasoned dyke relaxes in her dyke cave with her woman and searches the boob tube – and mind you us lesbians love boobs, but I digress – anyhoo…when me and my better half look forward to some TV viewing we cross our fingers and pray to the gay gods that perhaps this week, month or year we can find our own reflections on LOGO!

Not a chance. What do we get ad nauseam? Endless RuPaul, out-dated Bewitched and lawd knows why, Buffy The Vampire Slayer! We get precocious snotty little pageant princesses and teen moms (tell me how many lesbians do you know that are pregnant at sixteen?), imports ofRuPaul English shows which are not so Absolutely Fabulous – and if we are lucky and still conscious a glimpse of one or two L Word episodes…Please! Hey,  we still get a kick out of reruns of the two seasons of Noah’s Arc which was abruptly canceled and made into a not so good movie.

So my question is why? Why are the programing gods of LogoTV failing to be inclusive and visionary? Could it be that our so-called ‘gay’ station is owned, operated and managed by straight powers-that-be that really don’t give a damn about the Queer Community? Or is this a matter of a few blind gay boys who don’t realize they’ve overlooked a vital party of the family of gay folks? Where are the lesbian shows on LOGO, where is our reflection can somebody please tell me?