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“How odd!” Unfortunately, was my first impression of this fella. He’d infiltrated my inbox – betwixt genuine email and Adriana’s umpteenth attempt to friend us on Facebook – and it was instant fascination. ‘Instamatically’ as Paulie would say. (Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!)

It’s odd because I think he’s so handsome and bugs sqwick me out. So much so that I have been known to run in the opposite direction of an inch worm. So much so that the countertop is the perfect seat while waiting for a spider to walk across the floor. So much so that my life-partner may like the Great Outdoors but if shi wants me to rough it, it had better be in a location with Marriott at the entranceway. Go camping? Butch, please.

But, isn’t Henri a handsome thing? Yes, I named him. Calopteryx Splendens  is just too much of a mouthful even for his degree of fabulosity.