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At first glance I thought of many things I would do with the gift of foresight, things I assume many of us would love to do – like predict the winning numbers in the Mega Lottery. Hell, me and my creditors would be happy with that possibility. Then again why should I give my creditors one more day that they haven’t already extracted from my life??

Being the kindhearted person that I am, living with a conscience based on beliefs, I thought, “OK. I’ll use the power of foresight to predict and protect innocent children and elder folks from predators.” But, I realized that I’m damn near an elder myself, which means my limited days would be over sooner rather than later.

So then I thought, “Hey! Why not help young folk stop wasting their youth by imparting some of my ‘vision wisdom’ to them”, like how rap/hip hop and other forms of musical noise will end soon. Once again I realized I was not foreseeing a damn thing but rather projecting my own desires.

So, I stopped thinking. In the end I finally understood that the gift of foresight is for someone far younger than my ole butt. Matter of fact, I don’t need or want to see into the future. I just ask that whoever does possess this gift to please send me the winning lottery numbers. Me and my creditors thank you in advance!

* Topic courtesy of: The Daily Post