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winkingmugEvery December 31st brings not only a bright and shiny New Year for everyone, but another birthday for me. This year these two arrived like clockwork but something rather phenomenal tagged along.

What is it you ask? Hint: it isn’t this fierce coffee mug I’ve dubbed “The Winking Femme” but that thingamabob hovering over it. Yes, Virginia – it’s a new-classic-vintage apparatus known as a percolator.

fwarepotSee this thing right here? This thing right here, right over here?  It’s a birthday gift from a gorgeous friend of ours, with a cautionary note on how addictive it is.

…and as I’m getting ready for a second cup – which I never have by the by – I flash deuces at all of our lovely readers (especially those of the Caffeination Power Nation 😉 ) for a peaceful day and prosperous 2015.