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As I become more and more invested in my own type of online community, I’ve come across a number of authentic friendships based on shared experiences and common interests such as T.V. and movie fandoms, music and message boards. Many of these cyber communities can evolve into well established daily routines, serving as a safe, fun and harmless part of one’s social life.

Don’t misunderstand me, these cyber connections are not meant as a replacement for  actual real life relationships. Rather, they can become another avenue of our socialization.

Given human nature as it is, daily interaction probably includes lots of witty banter and  some form (or forms) of flirtation resulting in “intimate” cyber-evoked connection(s).

In this age of online living, when two people become enamored with one another can an otherwise committed person be guilty of emotional cheating? Even in the non-cyber world, is emotional cheating just as harmful as physical cheating?

What’s your view?