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I met Carol Kane yesterday. She was the most down to earth person, not ostentatious at all. Imagine that!

Actually, it was her doppelgänger. This petite lady looked just like her, flyaway hair and all. giphyMet her in the parking lot as she was leaving the store that I was entering. I waited for her beautiful smiling self to exit and our convo went like this:

Moi: “Good afternoon, sweetheart.”

Carol Kane-ish: “Hello!”

Carol Kane-ish: “Give me a kiss!”

Her attendant rolled her eyes – eyes that widened to the size of saucers when I leaned down and pecked her on her rather cold – but-rosy – cheek. Her kiss landed on my neck and that spot warmed right up.

Moi: “Thank you, you’ve made my day.”

Carol Kane-ish: “You’ve made mine too! Have a good day! God bless you!

Hope your day was filled with awe, wonder and all good things, Ms. Kane-ish. I know mine was.