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“Promise me you’ll keep writing. If we ever break-up or whatever. Promise me.” ~ **The RACK**

Who knew it would be “whatever” – I certainly didn’t. Today is your second heavenly our sunrisebirthday. It’s been an interminable nineteen months that seems like yesterday. Le sigh.

Honey, I don’t have to tell you that except for a few scattered posts to Charred Ice, I haven’t written one syllable. Even deleted my writer’s blog, Breathing. In. Color. Methinks you’d be interested to know that I just searched to see if it was still online and some site has one of my erotic stories as a free ebook…used without permission of course! You would’ve done your lawyer thing in a heartbeat. ❤

Anyways, I promised then and I re-promise now. As I look at our sunrise, I will write. I know you’re at peace. That those sweet knees that loved my warm kisses are no longer in pain and those beautiful eyes can see clearly again.

I’ll write. I’m trying baby, I really am. It’s just that I miss you so. Happy birthday, my darling Wo-man. Je t’aime, bebe. ❤