About Our Face

My beloved wife, butch, life-partner and favorite raconteur transitioned in 2016. Shi wrote this section and it will always be here – as shi is in my heart. Je t’aime, bebe.           ~ Forever Femme 3/24/18

We’re blog novices getting into the game late, but fashionably so. As lovers of the written word we enjoy creating positive female protagonists and have been known to try our hand at erotic prose and vignettes…maybe even a novella or two.

Being proud card-carrying members of the silent minority majority, we are quite opinionated and can be rather humorous when properly caffeinated, hydrated and satiated.

What makes us a minority within the majority is we’re female, proudly queer, under-compensated and as yet our union is not legal everywhere – which gives rise to our unapologetic non-conformity…and no, we’re not students of Lil’ C.

We’re just average under-employed, over-educated Americans. Enjoy our site!

**The Rack** & Forever Femme


5 thoughts on “About Our Face”

  1. I thought of your blog when I nearly charred my toast this morning (Indeed, a compliment to you and Charred Ice, popping up in my ‘real’ time and space like that!). Thanks for your work; I look forward to reading your blog and to sharing your poetry with my wife. Peace & all things good.

  2. I look forward to following your blog and have linked to you.

  3. s. matthew mcnally said:

    I don’t know if you read my response to your comment, but I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and your support, FF! I greatly appreciate it!

    Keep writing!

    Charred Ice rocks! 🙂

  4. keep up the good work!

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