Char Notice

This is where it gets all stern and legal-like.

1. Unless otherwise noted all written work contained on this blog since its inception, is the sole property of **The RACK** and Forever Femme aka “Charred Ice” and “The Charred Ones”. Other than the normal quoting within the blogosphere and saving on home computer/laptop hard drives for personal use only, any unauthorized capture, reproduction and/or publishing of any type is forbidden without our express permission.

2. Charred Ice is hugely grateful for the visual media of others and will always give credit where it is due when using others’ pictures, photos, videos and graphics and fully expect the visitors of “Charred Ice” to respect their rights of copy as well.

That’s all. So, if you please, don’t pretend you’ve authored our works. After all, this is the home of The Charred Ones.

Oh, stop rolling your eyes. You knew it was coming.