Morning Femmetation: Butterflies in May


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Isn’t she exquisite? A lovely one like her greeted me yesterday morning as soon as I opened the front door. Normally, I would’ve hightailed it back inside the house, called the j-o-b and taken the day off. Yes, I’m that squicky with insects. They’re all out to get me!

But this beautiful creature didn’t scare me at all. I stood there for a long moment just looking at her. Or should I say hir?

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Irish Cuisine 101


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hahagrannyMy grandmother’s idea of comfort food was a pot of beans (red or pinto) with some kind of smoked pork and diced potato over white rice. Seriously delicious! I remember asking her if it was an Irish dish and that two foot nothing woman looked me dead in the eye and said,”Yes, it is sweetie.”

If you have any Irish blood in you, you know my grandmother was lying through her dentures. I found out after I was an adult that she got the recipe from her Hispanic neighbor. I think Senora (that’s what we kids called her) was Peruvian.

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Morning Femmetation: Kissing Girls And Liking It


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I met Carol Kane yesterday. She was the most down to earth person, not ostentatious at all. Imagine that!

Actually, it was her doppelgänger. This petite lady looked just like her, flyaway hair and all. giphyMet her in the parking lot as she was leaving the store that I was entering. I waited for her beautiful smiling self to exit and our convo went like this:

Moi: “Good afternoon, sweetheart.”

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